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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>HC-06 Bluetooth Module derective with AT command</p>

    • Open the Arduino IDE and to control the running of Bluetooth Module; File>Example>Communucation>Multiserial then upload to code to Tinylab via Arduino IDE.
    • The Serial Monitor must be configured as shown: Click Here
    • You can send AT command for testing module. If you can see OK stand of this module is properly work.
    • Module’s defaults as it follows:



    Baud rate:9600

    • You can change name with AT+NAMEcardname
    • To change password AT+PASSWORD****
    • To change Baud Rate AT+BAUD4(1:1200, 2:2400, 3:4800,4:9600, 5:19200, 6:38400, 7:57600, 8:115200, A:460800, B:921600, C:1382400 correspond to BAUD)

    Click here to view all commands about the module.



    Just in case anyone else spends an hour trying to work out why the HC-06 is not responding… the “AT” command must be in upper case!



    @ozgurtzc can you please confirm that only one of the UART peripherals (XBee, WiFi or Bluetooth) should be plugged into the board at any time?

    I haven’t tried having more than one connected at a time but I guess it won’t work too well. I presume that there is no way to select them?



    If you dont get feedback from Bluetooth module, you should change Serial.begin(9600) to Serial.begin(115200) in MultiSerial sketch.


    Also, you can check running module with bluetooth of smartphone.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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