You can use Sixfab 3G/LTE Shields to connect internet with PPP connection. You can use following transactions for work.

  1. Firstly, Check http://sixfab.com/quickstart/
  2. Connect your Raspberry Pi to internet and run sudo apt-get update to update your Raspberry Pi
  3. Make First Tutorial to add Quectel Module support to your kernel.
  4. Download ppp-creator.sh script and run. Script will install ppp and creates config files.
    • wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/sixfab/rpiShields/master/tutorials/tutorial3/ppp-creator.sh
    • chmod +x ./ppp-creator.sh
    • sudo ./ppp-creator.sh HOLOGRAM ttyS0

      • HOLOGRAM is APN, check your cellular
      • Device Name
        • Rpi3 > ttyS0
        • Other Pi version> ttyAMA0
        • for USB> ttyUSB0
  5. Run sudo pppd call gprs
  6. run ifconfig ppp0 at terminal window to see following outputs and see your ip


2 thoughts on “Tutorial 3 | Make a PPP internet connection with 3G/LTE Shields on Raspberry Pi”

  1. Hi sixfab

    I can’t use Raspberry Pi3 with EC25-AU to do LTE connection.
    I have update my Raspberry Pi3 kernel and i can use my modem with /dev/ttyUSB3.than i follow the tutorial 3, but I run sudo pppd call gprs, appear Failed (ERROR), how do i do it?

    send (ATE0^M)
    expect (OK)
    — got it

    send (ATI;+CSUB;+CSQ;+CPIN?;+COPS?;+CGREG?;&D2^M)
    expect (OK)
    Revision: EC25AUFAR02A01M4G^M
    SubEdition: V04^M
    +CSQ: 99,99^M
    — failed
    Failed (ERROR)
    Script chat -s -v -f /etc/chatscripts/quectel-chat-connect -T INTERNET finished (pid 3394), status = 0x7
    Connect script failed

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