Port Forwarding Tutorial

Most of our products support the UDP protocol. In order to test UDP communication with one of our product in the local server, we will need to play with port forwarding settings in our router. We can use the UDP protocol over both local and remote server. Local server refers to your own machine while the remote server is another machine/computer.
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Sixfab NB-IoT EVB. with Ultrasonic Sensor

Sixfab NB-IoT is another member of our Nb-IoT Shield family. This can be connected either with USB or you may also use any micro controller(Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi etc. ). For this tutorial we are going to use Raspberry Pi. Here we will be sending data obtained by our Raspberry Pi from Ultrasonic Waterproof Range Finder(JSN-SR04T-2.0) and send this data over UDP.

Before you get started make sure you have done your router configuration as mentioned in previous tutorial step 1-10.

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Getting started with Sixfab NB-IoT Evo. Board

Now this Evolution Board is another member of our Sixfab NB-IoT family. First of all this is not a shield, so it can be used with desired controller. For this tutorial we will be using Raspberry Pi.

Here we are trying to show how you can send data over UDP, So we need Sixfab NB-IoT EVB. Board, a Raspberry Pi and any sensor(we are using JSN-SR04T-2.0). Lets start with making our circuit connection. Pinout of the NB-IoT EVO. Board are mentioned below the board itself. Here we will need TX and RX only. Read More