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First and foremost, awesome work!

And a BIG thanks for doing and including the case!

Now questions on the actual kit.

Where can I find documentation on what the DIP switch all do?

From what I see on the board, they seem to match up to the headers for the Arduino shield, so I’m assuming they toggle whether or not the signal goes to the header or part of the board. But it would be VERY useful to have a table to describe what each does relative to the DIP switches.

Also, all but one of the add on boards were in labeled bags. The last one wasn’t so I’m assuming it’s the the bluetooth connector. But I really don’t see anything in the documentation to confirm that. The female-to-female cable that was included made things even more confusing.

Lastly, one of the standoffs underneath the board doesn’t have a screw thru it (at least in my kit). The one near the temp sensor. Was this intentional or did one just get left out of my kit? If so, can you tell me what size/#/length screw it is?