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Hello togehter,

the DIP switches near the arduino pinheader are connecting the MCU to the rest of the hardware. So when you need the pinheader maybe for a arduino shield or what else, you have to switch off the DIP you need.

DIP ON -> tinylab

DIP OFF -> Arduino

the small 3-Port DIP on the bottom of the arduino is to control the SPI.

DIP ON -> onboard SPI (sd card, NRF)

DIP OFF -> SPI Pinheader

the last DIP near the 7-segment display is (like it is written on pcb) to control leds/7segment.

DIP OFF -> only LEDs through D10-D13

DIP ON -> LEDs + 7Segment (MAX7219)

The unlabeld bag is the bluetooth module. You can confirm this when you search for HC-06.

You do not need the included cable, so you can just plug it into fhe bluetooth connector ( pay attention on the direction).

On my board the right-bottom screw is missing too but i don thing i need it.


Maybe a community-wiki would be usefull, too 🙂

@axel50397 The seal on the buzzer you can remove.It is just needed through the pcb-process.