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Hi all,

just my second post here. In my previous (first post here) post I tested the quote function – whow – gets very big. Is this intentionally? I would prefer to have real quotes or a separate box, but with normal sized characters.


It was also my first stumbling point to find out what the dip switches would do, but could find it out pretty soon and was sure about it when I had examined the schematics. In general I am happy with it as a lot of things can be tested without having to deal with flying wires which sometimes cause a headache and a chaos on the desktop.

What I would like to test next is exchanging some test routines of the original test sketch, especially the rotary encoder is not very responsive and I don’t like the implemented LCD library (my favourite: F. Malpartida’s New LCD Crystal library as it got all my different lcd screens to work without any hassle).

Having done this I could take the tested sketches 1:1 to my project(s) without having to adjust libraries, constructors etc.

One question to @mustafa: What exactly does the EEPROM content do in the test sketch? When I change the lcd and rotary library – would that be affected by values in the EEPROM and cause problems?



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