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  • Add an I2C port expander. All the existing items on the board, awesome as they are, are using up a lot of pins. I know I can add a port expander myself (and probably will) but it would be better to be on the board already.
  • Remove 7 segment display. The LCD works just fine, plus the 7 segment and the discrete LEDs keep interfering with each other. I know I could flip the 3 DIP switches to partly work around that, but that’s not a great solution.
  • Change the LCD to a graphical LCD. With the 7 segment out of the way, there’s enough room for one.
  • Replace the buzzer with a “real” speaker. The buzzer doesn’t play musical notes well at all. If you search the Electronic Goldmine website for G15681 you’ll find a PC-board sized mini-speaker for $0.99. I haven’t tried that but I bet it would sound much better.
  • Have the four buttons on 4 digital inputs. Having the last two share an analog input leads to writing more complex input code, plus I ran into issues where S4 could be pressed repeatedly, quickly, and could be read as button S3. (Analog reads are averaged over time, so if someone lets go of S4 at just the “wrong” time, half the measurement reads 500 while half reads 0, averaging to ~200 which looks like S3.)