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@sean Update on my progress.

I took the device and SIM in to the Verizon shop yesterday and the guy said let’s try a different kind of SIM. With the new card I was able to get further in the script, I’m not getting the modem hang up anymore. It appears the script is running. I asked him what the differences in the SIM cards, but he really didn’t know. All he told me was it has “Micro 3FF-A” on the card.

I went back to my lab and was testing, but still getting +CSQ: 99,99 (not known or not detectable http://m2msupport.net/m2msupport/atcsq-signal-quality/). I only get about 1 bar on my cell outside of town, so I went to an area that I get full bars on my cell and was getting +CSQ: 19,99 now (Good) from the EC25-V modem.

I opened the browser and played around on the Internet for about an hour without any issues. The speed was pretty decent for a cell connection too.

In conclusion, I don’t know if it was the SIM or not, but it definitely was a signal strength issue.

Hope that helps.