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My first project to move from prototyping on Tinylab to a real deployment! The HumaxPower project is now running on a Sparkfun ESP8266 Thing.

The ESP8266 Thing seems to be a great board for small projects which need WiFi. This particular project can be mains powered, so I haven’t had to try out the deep-sleep feature yet!

The Tinylab has been great to learn, experiment, develop and test the project. Of course, some work was required to move to the deployment on the ESP8266 Thing:

  • The 3.3V and low current supplied from the GPIO pins meant that I might have needed a transistor to drive the IR LED but, fortunately, in this application I can place the LED very close to the receiver so it is working just with a resistor.
  • The ESP8266 seems to have more program space so the WiFi library is more complex, including a simple web server. I decided to take advantage of that so I had to rewrite my web handling code.