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    I received the shield recently but never worked with something like thise before

    1. I haven’t soldered/welded pins before. Do I need to cut them after or before welding since they stick out a lot connecting the shield/hat?
    2. Can any standoff or spacer be used (bronze, nylon)?, have anyone purchased these?? what lenghts and what kind of screw should you use?? M3?? M2.5??
    3. I’ve seen in the pictures that you need an additional connection between the Raspberry Pi and the shield besides the pin connection. Why is this required? where can I purchase this short usb-microusb cable?
    4. Has anybody purchased or gotten a raspberry pi case that fits both the raspberry pi and the shield with the 3G or LTE Module??

    I would appreciate If anyone can answer any of this questions.



    Hi pedrodiazsos,

    -No need to cut before or after soldering. if the pins that come into contact with the one, you need to clean them.

    -Bronze or nylon does not matter. The holes on the shield support M3, but the M3 has difficulty entering the holes of R.Pi. M2.5 is ideal.

    -3G or 4G / LTE is a high-speed internet connection and requires high-speed communication. You can use a short and high quality micro-usb cable.

    -You can choose from the wide models that are designed to fit the extra shield / hat.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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