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    I am using the BC95 NB-IoT Arduino breakout board. I’m a working student and as part of a project I’m trying to determine if I can improve the receiver sensitivity through the use of a Low Noise Amplifier(LNA). So, in essence, I’m trying to measure the receiving signal strength in dB and view a difference in performance with vs without a LNA.
    For example, if I had absolute control over the signal strength, I imagine I could gradually decrease the power of a transmitted signal –and subsequently the received signal – until the BER increases dramatically due to a loss of signal. Then if I inserted an LNA along the receiver path I should be able to cope with a slightly worse signal before the signal drops out. (eg. -120dB sensitivity without LNA, -122dB sensitivity with LNA)
    Do you have any recommendations on how to achieve my test?
    Is it possible to feed some sort of signal in and measure the RSSI?
    Do I need a sim card to measure the RSSI or register to the network? Ie do I have to use something like UDP packets over the network to achieve this?

    Kind regards,
    Daniel Clark

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