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    Hello all,

    I want to play a little with the ESP8266, and among other things, I want to upload a sketch. I have done it directly with a FTDI and a breadboard, now back to the tinylab, I want to connect ESP’s pins to arduino’s and… I can’t find how, even checking the diagram

    This is simple, I want (first of all) to use the tinylab as a proxy serial monitor, and connect ESP’s RX/TX to Arduino’s TX/RX to be able to read on the Serial monitor what the ESP’s writes.

    I can’t find on the diagram the pinouts for the ESP, I don’t know which DIP switch it uses, which pin… Nothing. Can you help me guys please? After the serial, I also need to access the other pins later. Thank you.


    Firstly, You musnt change SWITCH, all switch must be “ON”. If all switchs must be “OFF” when you do another application with jumper cable.

    Now, Instead of plugging module. You can look at this title



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    @ozgurtzc Thank you for your answer, but your linked post still doesn’t give any clue about the pinouts. OK, TX/RX should be pins 0 and 1, what about the GPIO0 and GPIO2? Are they connected somewhere on the board? Or only serial communication is available with it?

    If all DIP switches have to be ON instead of just the corresponding Arduino’s 0 and 1, it means that there are some pins corresponding to at least the 2 GPIOs also, isn’t it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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