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    So I want to try to get this thing working, need of assistance being that I’m getting into this kind of stuff IoT that is. I see that on the product page for Raspberry Pi Cellular IoT HAT – LTE-M & NB-IoT & eGPRS there are Quectel Drivers for Linux.

    My initial question in order to first start sending SMS do I need to install these drivers?

    I have went through the steps on GitHub to get the examples working. I kind of just want to get something working so that I can not be frustrated and know that what I have works.

    Currently I have a live and enabled Hologram IoT sim in my raspberry PI with a phone tied to the sim.

    Like I said I followed the steps on the GitHub repo just as it specifies and I have first tried leaving the Script untouched with cellulariot.CellularIoT() as the node.

    I run the script just like this: sudo python3 sendSMS.py. This is what the script looks like:

    I’ve tried taking out command to wait for node.getResponse(“RDY”) and also changing ATE1. Nothing working.

    Here is the output:

    BG96 module disabled!
    BG96 module enabled!
    BG96 module powered up!

    It will continue to report ATE1

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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