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    I’m using the latest mPCI-E shield for 4G/LTE along with BOTH Verizon(EC25-V) and ATT(EC25-A).
    Extracting Lat/Lon from both GPRMC & GPGGA sentences both raw & formatted successfully.
    When the formatted Lat/Lon are sent to Google maps API the map that is rendered is not my actual location, in fact it is miles away in another town BUT same state.
    The parsed format is correct but I also manually inserted and formatted for the API, the results are the same.
    Yes, I have an a GPS antenna and I am consistently tracking 7+ satellites.
    State: Connecticut
    Test location Lat/Lon from Google: 41.6154448 / -72.6232941
    raw sentences from Verizon: (date not important – output is consistent)
    raw sentences from ATT:
    Any assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

    If anyone else is reading this post and is having same/similar issues please respond.

    Thank you!



    Being a noob w/Lat/Lon I didn’t realize there’s a conversion.
    Based on the python example it was simply moving the decimal point, it’s not.
    parse degrees (0)XX then take ALL minutes MM.MMMMMM, divide by 60 and move the value to the right of the decimal. Carry out 6 places and round. That’s for the Google API anyway.

    Thanks again

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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