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    We aim to building prototype of system with UMTS/LTE hot-spot leveraged on SIM access profile client

    I have found following U-blox part supposed to have this capabilities and build for EU bands

    MPCI-L210-03S-00 15.63 A01.50 UBX-17022983 Mass Production

    My question is what dev environments are available for prototyping?

    Note: Initially, I guess to use Raspberry Pi with SixFab 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield V2


    It still not clear for me if module missing UART is required for sending AT+ commands from shield interface

    Important Note(*): Please check the following Quectel Mini PCIe pinout(EC20,EC21,EC25,UC20) diagram and the Base Shield connected pin table for full compatibility. The other Mini PCIe modules from different vendors can be used with the Base shield. Generally, these modules’ USB, power supply, status led and SIM Card pins match with Base Shield Pinout, they can be used via USB connection without struggling but it does not mean full compatibility, some features may not work. The AT Command Interface cannot be used without UART connection. Please, consider USB connection needs special drivers for each operating system.

    Would you please clarify for me this point, please.
    Also, i will glad to find another SAP (rSAp) client-role solutions available.

    Many thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

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    The USB interface is enough to send the AT commands. Even though the UART might not be available on the module you can still use the USB interface. (We recommend USB interface as it is faster than UART).




    I’m using Sixfab_RPi_3G-4G-LTE_Base_Shield with MCPI-L210.03S module by u-blox
    At some stage communication over USB ttyACM0 was stacked as result of usb reconfiguration (AT+UUSBCONF=13 u-blox)
    I have to issue hardware reset, which could be done by low pin 22 PERST# signal
    Is it possible to be done via shield connected to RPi 3+?

    Thanks in advance!




    The pin is connected to GPIO26. You can pull the GPIO26 to HIGH in order to reset the module.

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