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    Has anyone got Raspberry Pi GPS Shield to work with Raspberry Pi? I followed the tutorial of GpsTracker.py and only see the words latitude & longitude printed, but no values. The signal LED on the GPS shield doesn’t blink either.

    Thank you.



    Hi I have the same issue but cannot find any place but here to ask SixFab questions… please respond




    Please use minicom and see Gps outputs. And Led blinks when Gps 3D fixed.



    When I just plug in a USB cable and take the shield outside I get a blue blinking light after around a minute. I am still trying to get this to occur when plugged into the raspberry pi. I am wondering how strong the antenna is. Since I plan on using this in my truck I am not too worried about it. I will post an update once I get this running on the pi.



    Has anyone ever managed to get this working?
    I connected the shield to my pi, i get the red Power led lights up and no matter what i try to run, it seems to never get a fix as lat and long always come back as 0…
    Is there something im missing?



    Having the same problem too.
    If I use it as a USB device (switch set to USB) I get a GPS signal (blue flashing light) and can read values from it. However if I use it with a Pi, I get a red power light, a green “user” light but can’t get a signal even with board in the same position.



    Then you are in a better state then i am.. even when connected with USB i never get the blue flashing light. on the pi i dont have the green “user” light either… Might it be my board is defective?



    I’ve had to leave the board on a window sill for a good few minutes before the blue flashing light comes on, so it seems to need quite a clear line of sight and some time. I also read that the antenna needs to be flat – can’t confirm if that makes a difference though.

    On another note, I tried to get it working using the USB port on a Pi Zero (W). The lights come on and eventually it gets a signal but I can’t see is show up as a device.
    I’ve tried using:
    dmesg | grep -i tty
    sudo lsusb
    But it’s just not there. Anyone else tried this?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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