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    I’ve been working on getting my Pi 3 B+ connected to the Sixfab Quectel EC25 LTE modem via LTE Shield v2, but have been running into some issues. When I try running the chat-connect script, I get a vague ‘ERROR’ during the AT+CGDCONT step and enabling AT+CMEE=2 doesn’t seem to change the error.

    Per various suggestions on other sites, I added a AT+CPIN? line before the CGDCONT and, with the verbose error logging enabling, it’s reporting a SIM failure rather than READY. I originally though this might be due to me inserting the SIM wrong, or because I’m trying to use a data-only Google Fi SIM, but I’ve tried two different Google Fi SIMs and a Verizon SIM (all three of which I’ve verified work in mobile devices), and no SIM. In all four cases I get the SIM failure error (which seems especially odd in the no SIM case since I’d expect a different error to be reported).

    FWIW I’m using h2g2 as the APN since this is a Google Fi sim, but configuring the CGDCONT line in a variety of ways did not mitigate the issue, hence why I was trying to use CPIN? to debug.

    Could this be something as simple as me not inserting the SIM correctly, or might it be a configuration issue or a problem with the board?

    I’m running Raspbian with an updated 4.19.42-v7+ Kernel.


    I am running the same configuration without a problem with a RaspAP Wifi. In fact I am sending this message while I am connected to it 😉


    I found out my issue: I was using a USB connector that was only providing 1.8A of power instead of the recommended 2.5A. Using the official Raspberry Pi adapter resolved my issue. Now here’s hoping my portable battery provides enough current to run the Pi + Modem… 🙂

    Thanks bspruth–your response helped me isolate the possible differences that I left unmentioned in my original post.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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