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    Hi, i installed android on a raspberry 3b4 .
    i try tu use SIXFAB GSM GPRS SHIELD

    1- How can i install Drivers ?
    2- Which mode i must use?



    For installation and more, see: https://sixfab.com/tutorials/

    Not tested on Android OS.

    Best regards.


    ok i get it about android.
    1- i tried SIXFAB GSM GPRS SHIELD on a windows , as USB connection , i installed drivers , red led , blue led ok and i tested with Qnavigator.exe and i connected PPP , send SMS and make phone calling succesfuuly. I could not get GPS yet.
    2-i tried android , windows 10 IoT and no successful. I tried install windows 10 but failed.
    3-At the end i understood that i must write my software on raspbian.
    4-I read documents , forum , articles but i could not install driver .
    How can i setup drivers before install ?
    i followed “https://sixfab.com/updated-tutorial-2-make-a-ppp-internet-connection-with-sixfab-gprs-shield-on-raspberry-pi/” tutorial.
    15. In order to check either it working or not type ‘AT’ and enter. If it responds with ‘OK’ then its working properly.
    minicom does not responde OK .


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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