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    I was working on getting my new Raspberry Pi HAT that I have received and tried the simple example just to see if it is working fine. I have not been able to send a text message to my mobile phone.

    I followed the instruction step by step on SixFab Github for their RPI Cellur HAT

    When I run sendSMS.py which contains the code below with my phone number I get BG96 is enabled and B96 is started

    Then I get a bunch of ATE1 that continuously echo until I cancel out the process.

    Does anyone know why it just continuously throws ATE1 to the command. I am using Hologram_IO as my carrier.


    I found that the disable, enable did not work as expected when trying this .py. My suggestion is click the pwrkey button on the board, wait for the LEDs to go off, click the pwrkey button again, wait a few seconds for the LEDs to show the module has rebooted, then try the script.

    The other option is the do the above while the script is working. The important bit is that it is waiting on RDY to return from the modem UART after it powers up. Since the disable/enable is not behaving well, the script just gets stuck.

    Also, I assume you know that you need to update the script so the node.sendSMS has your phone number as the first parameter. Depending on the carrier you might need to use +FULLNUMBER notation.

    I hope Sixfab updates their code to better handle the new HAT.




    Where are the documents on node commands? What exactly does the command node.enable/disable do?



    Find cellulariot.py file

    After cloning files from github and ran setup.py, 3 folders were created where setup.py file is located (cellulariot, dist and sixfab_cellulariot.egg-info). Inside cellulariot folder you will find cellullariot.py———Open file with any text viewer or Geany


    The details of the functions are available in the github repo README

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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