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    My application is mobile, and I used SixFab’s ppp installer. That works well. As soon as I boot, and get a good ping to, I invoke ‘autoSSH.sh (in rc.local).
    Since I’m mobile, I lose 4G signal now and then, and later it re-appears.

    Even though autossh is supposed to reconnect on signal loss, it doesn’t – or if it does, it takes a long time. I’m using the following to invoke autoSSH.

    autossh -o “ServerAliveInterval 10” -o “ServerAliveCountMax 99” ……(port redirects occur here)

    I need a way to reconnect as quickly as possible whenever the signal re-appears. Can someone tell me the best way to guarantee a connection whenever a signal is available without rebooting everything?


    I would like to be able to get a rssi (signal strength) indication from the modem. I believe that AT+CSQ will give me that information, but all my data is encrypted by the time it gets to the modem. Is there some sort of “out of band” way to get that information so I don’t have to kill my SSH session in order to read rssi? Or is there a provision in linux to “squeeze in” a non-encrypted packet (and get the results) between normal SSH packets?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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