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    Hi Sixfab & Friends, wanted to make sure I got this right before I ordered. What I am looking to do is build a LTE hotspot on a Pi 3B+. I have a small office and don’t want to pay $$$ for a wired connection. Thus a LTE/Cellular device would be great. T-Mobile (USA) offers “unlimited” device data but blocks that on their “proprietary LTE hotspot” devices and force you into a metered account. 100GB is $500–NOT.

    So am I in the right place? Hope so!!!

    So I’ve got the 3B+ and it seems I need to order the following parts:
    1. https://sixfab.com/product/raspberry-pi-3g-4glte-base-shield-v2-/
    2. https://sixfab.com/product/quectel-ec25-mini-pcle-4glte-module/
    3. https://sixfab.com/product/lte-g-086-cellular-miniature-pcb-antenna/ (TWO OF THESE)

    Is that it hardware wise or would you suggest other/additional items (WIFI antennas maybe…)?

    Now I found this article* on the “hostspot” part but my WAN connection needs to be the LTE modem (you can’t set a static WAN0 IP etc as per the instructions). Again specifically want the WAN connection to be the LTE broadband with WIFI for local devices. Sorry if this is totally obvious and I missed it.


    *https://sixfab.com/using-3g-or-4g-raspberry-pi-shield-as-a-wifi-access-point/ and links within

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    Hello Chris,

    The selected parts are right.

    According to the tutorial, the LTE connection is being shared as wifi.

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