Installing Operating System Image

In this tutorial, we will explain how to prepare OS for our Raspberry Pi to work with the Sixfab Connect Platform. All we need is a micro SD card(type of required micro SD card), and a computer (with Windows/Linux/Mac).

There are 3 options we can get the Raspberry Pi working with Sixfab Connect:

  1. Download Image and write on A micro SD card
  2. Get preloaded SD card from Sixfab
  3. Install on existing Raspbian

All of the above options are explained below.

Download Image and Write on A micro SD card

You can download the customized image for your Raspberry Pi by clicking HERE. These images are prepared on the Raspbian OS. The downloaded image is in ZIP archive.

Once the image is downloaded, we can write it to the microSD card using balenaEtcher. This works with Windows, Linux and Mac.

The steps are as follows:

  • Download and install the balenaEtcher from
  • Run the balenaEtcher.
  • Select the downloaded image(.zip)
  • Insert your micro SD card to your computer and select the SD card drive.
  • Finally, click Flash and wait till it is completed.

using balena

Once the flash is complete, the balenaEtcher will unmount the SD card making it safe to remove.

Get preloaded SD card from Sixfab

If you get a preloaded micro SD card (link will be available soon) from Sixfab, then you can skip the previous steps of preparing the micro SD card and start from next tutorial.

Install on existing Raspbian

This section is under development

Now since the OS is ready we can proceed to our Next step of installation.


  1. Installing operating System images

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  1. I would like to install on an existing RPi. When will you update the 3rd option above and list the required libraries?

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