Sixfab Connect Introduction

Sixfab Connect is closed beta version of the remote device management platform.

The main aim of the Sixfab Connect is to

  • simplify the internet connection establishment using Sixfab Raspberry Pi HAT/Shield over cellular network
  • control the device in remotely that includes terminal access, updating application etc.

This platform is the early beta verion which will be transformed into full development and managemant platform.

This system needs an agent to work on the Raspberry Pi. We can either use pre configured OS for install the agent. All the method are explained in up coming tutorial.

First of all open up a browser and go to beta.sixfab.comconnect_intro_01

Create an account, with an email and user name. connect_intro_02

This will also create a git account. You can access it from The credential for Sixfab Connect and git is same.


Let’s get strated with our next step.

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