Using Sixfab Connect platform

So far we have successfully prepared our device to be controlled over the Sixfab Connect platform.

Now get back to Sixfab Connect platform.

Once you login you will be able to see your created device on the left tab under Devices. ‘demo’ in my case.


On this page you will get four tabs such as Device InformationCommandsUpdate & Configs and Logs

Each of these tabs is explained below.

This tab indicates the information of the device connected.

  • Connection Status: This indicates if the device is connected to the platform or not.

  • Device Name: This is the device name that was set during the adding device.

  • Board Model: This indicates the Raspberry pi you are using which was also set during adding device.

  • SIMICCID: _ Underdevelopment _

  • Repository Address: This is the link to your git repository of the device that was created with the device. You can see repository of all your devices from

At the end, there is a sample widget which is explained in upcoming tutorial.


In this Commands tab you will find a similar environment as terminal of your Raspberry Pi.

You can use any Linux command for your Raspberry Pi. At the moment this doesn’t support non ending loop linux commands.

For instance, pwd command would Print Working Directory.

There are bunch of linux command that you might use often are listed below. You can arrow sign at the beginning of eah command to use.


From Update and Configs tab, you will have access to your System.

You can control the Raspberry interfaces, such as SSH, SPI, I2C, Serial etc.

On the other side you can keep track of your own Application, System and Sixfab Services.


Raspi – Config

This section is actually the Raspberry interfaces.

You can either turn ON or OFF the interfaces and click UPDATE CONFIGS at the end to make the change on the Raspberry Pi.

Then you will need to reboot the Raspberry. (You can do it from the Commands tab)

Track Updates

On the right section of the screen you will see 3 options to update.

  1. User application:

A user can have their own application running on the device. You can check the status of the appication if it is up to date or need to be updates. This application code is will be available in the device repository. Example : [LINK will be Available soon]

  1. System Update

This updates package list and system.

  1. Sixfab Service

If there is any update from the Sixfab services you can update from here with single click.

This section of tutorial is Under Development


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