Seamless integration with IoT devices

Connect and Innovate Through Edge
Unlock your business potential at the edge and get ahead with real-time decision-making, faster response times and enhanced security.
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We create momentum for our customers to succeed

Try and Transform. We provide an easy-to-understand and user-friendly platform, coupled with seamlessly integrated connected edge devices. Technology should be accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise.

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Generate and collect data to create a better value proposition for your customers.
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Small and Midsize Businesses

Product, platform, service and support

Connect with the digital world using our existing products.

Platform with global coverage that enable new solutions and/or tailor-made solutions.

Technical support with expert team of engineers on the subject.


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Transition to Industry 4.0 with tailor-made solutions for company-specific needs.
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Global, compliant and secure tailor-made solutions

Reliable tailor-made solutions specific to the businesses.

Global coverage for complex, multinational operations.

Regulatory compliance and integrated security.

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Higher Education & RnD
Try and fail quickly during research projects so you can build the right solution, fast.
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Higher Education & Research

Extensive community support for research projects with off-the-shelf solutions

The preferred choice with off-the-shelf solutions for higher education and private/government research projects.

Vast community support and documentation to answer any questions, speeding up the process.

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Trusted by various sizes of businesses, universities and research centers across the globe.
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Connected edge computing chart
Our integrated solutions empower optimized operations, increased efficiency, and enhanced agility. By leveraging connected edge computing, you can automate processes, respond quickly to changing conditions, and gain a competitive edge.
Why choose Sixfab
We believe in the potential of connected edge technologies and our goal is to serve as the driving force that pushes edge intelligence beyond its current limits.
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Official Raspberry Pi Design Partner

Quality, inexpensive and reliable connectivity solutions designed and built for Raspberry Pi.

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Development Acceleration

Pre-certified, off-the-shelf products to speed-up development time.

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Full Product Lifecycle Expertise

From concept to roll-out. Design, consulting, manufacturing & OEM capabilities.

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Continuous Support

A whole team of passionate people to support you every step of the way!

More questions? Let’s connect!

We offer expert sales and technical support for your business projects and also have a fantastic community support for your individual projects!