Preparing OS

Installing Operating System Image

In this tutorial, we will explain how to prepare OS for our Raspberry Pi to work with the Sixfab Connect Platform. All we need is a micro SD card(type of required micro SD card), and a computer (with Windows/Linux/Mac).

There are 3 options we can get the Raspberry Pi working with Sixfab Connect:

  1. Download Image and write on A micro SD card
  2. Get preloaded SD card from Sixfab
  3. Install on existing Raspbian

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Port Forwarding Tutorial

Most of our products support the UDP protocol. In order to test UDP communication with one of our product in the local server, we will need to play with port forwarding settings in our router. We can use the UDP protocol over both local and remote server. Local server refers to your own machine while the remote server is another machine/computer.
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