Custom Design

The next step of your idea in the journey of edge computing.

Turn your concept with Raspberry Pi into a product with Sixfab’s experience in IoT.

  • Realize your idea with better electronics
  • Have an engineering sample in weeks
  • Get production at any quantity

Bring your concept to Life.
If your idea is …

  • Based on any version of Raspberry Pi
  • Validated by a proof of concept (PoC) with multiple HATs or breakout boards
  • Connected via cellular

We can design the hardware that will help you skip months of trial and error.

Our expert team designs a tailor-made Raspberry Pi HAT with features from your multiple HAT stacked PoC and more.

Custom Raspberry Pi compute module design

We provide Raspberry Pi Compute Module based custom-designed product for increased reliability.

Sixfab Connect SIM and affordable data plans included by default for having the best cellular network experience.

What is included in this service?

  • 3-5 fully pre-production prototypes will be received.
  • Production offer at desired quantities.
  • (Optional) Design files and manufacturing instructions.
  • (Optional) Custom machined IP-rated enclosure solutions.
  • (Optional) Product certification consultation.

Our team, as your team,
R&D with transparency

Hello Worldi

Bringing the idea to the workbench with mutually agreed technical specification and product requirements. 1 Week

Planning project budget and accurate time frame quote followed by the agreement. 1 week

The team exercises research and finalizes hardware design in 6-12 weeks.

Milestone: Customer can review design images in 2D/3D.

4- Prototyping

Prototype manufacturing at fastest and high-quality facilities. 2 weeks

First prototype evaluation. Sixfab tests the functionality of the product. The team fixes the design if necessary, completes esthetic touches and ensures connector mating and takes another prototype. 2-3 weeks

Milestone: Customer receives hardware.

6- Validation

Customer receives 3-5 prototypes to run real application and field tests. The customer validates prototypes, approves functionality, leaves feedback. 1-3 weeks

Final prototype designed and manufactured if needed updates. 2-3 weeks

Manufacturing at any quantity. 8 Weeks

Custom Design Form