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Sixfab IP65 Outdoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

  • Every single IoT project includes different types of inputs and outputs, physically. This enclosure brings flexibility to add/remove cable interfaces to your project in seconds.
  • IP65 rated lid and grommets enable your project’s environmental robustness.  Protects against dust, rain, and snow.
  • It has a tough clear polycarbonate lid, built-in gasket seal, mounting earing, and four different grommets for different types of cables.


Sixfab IP65 Outdoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

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Extended Cover For Enclosure

  • This lid offers you a bigger inner space(1.456 Inch) in the enclosure.
  • It's recommended if you plan to add a 3-layer HAT sandwich stacked on Raspberry Pi. Or you might need more area for peripheral electronics.
  • It's transparent color, prevents dust and moisture ingress, and doesn't compromise the waterproof feature of the case.
Sixfab IP65 Outdoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

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Key Features & Benefits

Simplified Ingress Protection: Provides a reliable solution for ingress protection, crucial for various IoT project needs, eliminating the need for complex machining.

Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Tinker Board, and stackable HATs, ensuring adaptability to a wide range of projects.

Weatherproof Design: Water/weatherproof with a robust plastic structure, protecting electronics from outdoor elements like moisture, rain, snow, wind, and dust.

Easy Mounting Options: Mount it on walls, poles, or any desired location, with all necessary mounting components included in the package.

Spacious and Cable-Friendly: Offers ample space for batteries, sensors, Raspberry Pi Camera, and various electronics, with sealed grommets for accommodating cables of different diameters.

RF-Friendly Material: Made from RF-friendly plastic (ABS), allowing for antenna placement within the enclosure or external antenna use through grommets. Includes dual SMA jacks for wireless projects

Important Note: This enclosure is not assembled. Raspberry Pi and antennas are not included.

Product Specifications

Best ForOutdoor Raspberry Pi projects requiring environmental protection
FeaturePolycarbonate clear cover with gasket seal
Customizable IP-65 cable grommets
Wall mount
Inner base plate
IP RatingIP-65
Heavy Duty
Width212 mm
Length123 mm
Height60 mm

Package Contents

1 x IP65 case with clear polycarbonate top cover

1 x Acrylic mounting plate for electronic boards

5 x IP65 certified cable grommets (4x2mm, 4x3mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 2x8mm) with plugs

Enable routing of pre-terminated cables through cable entry frame and split cable glands

1 x Grommet Frame + Allen Key

4 x M5x30mm Stainless Steel Screw with plastic wall fixing plugs

6 x M3x7mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing the base plate to the case bottom

2 x M5x25mm Stainless Steel Screw with Nuts

4 x M2.5x10mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing Raspberry Pi to the base plate

4 x M2.5x6mm Stainless Steel Screw for board stacking

2 x M2.5x11mm Brass Standoff for board stacking

8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Flat Washer

8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Nut

8 x 400mm Heavy-duty zip-tie



3D Step File

Mounting Plate

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