Raspberry Pi IP54 Outdoor Project Enclosure

Every single IoT project includes different types of inputs and outputs, physically. With infinite numbers of possibilities, developers need their own custom machined enclosures. That enclosure brings flexibility to add/remove cable interfaces to your project in seconds. IP54 rated lid and grommets enable your project’s environmental robustness. Projects against dust, rain, and snow. It has a tough clear polycarbonate lid, built-in gasket seal, mounting earing, and four different grommets for different types of cables.


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Extended Cover For Enclosure

This lid offers you a bigger inner space(1.456 Inch) in the enclosure. It's recommended if you plan to add a 3-layer HAT sandwich stacked on Raspberry Pi. Or you might need more area for peripheral electronics. It's transparent color, prevents dust and moisture ingress, and doesn't compromise the weaterproofness of the case.


It is difficult to find ingress-proof & protective generic enclosures. Especially if this box is going to be compatible with different IoT project needs and many developers use it in many different interfaces. Machining the enclosure is a certain alternative but needs time, cost, and technical knowledge. But we designed this one satisfies outdoor enclosure needs for most of your use cases.

This generic outdoor enclosure for Raspberry Pi based IoT projects is water/weatherproof and has a tough plastic structure that protects electronics outdoors. It’s compatible with your Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, Tinker Board, and stackable HATs from moisture, rain, snow, wind, and dust. You can mount it on a wall, pole, or wherever you want. Necessary components for mounting boards and enclosure on different surfaces included in the package.

This rugged box has enough space for adding batteries, sensors, Raspberry Pi Camera, or other electronics nearby. It’s possible to in and out cables have different diameters by using sealed grommets.

The case made from plastic(ABS) and it is RF friendly. You can stick the antennas inner the enclosure or use cabled external antennas through grommets. Two SMA jacks placed opposite sides of the case to provide better Rx-diversity.

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  • This enclosure is not assembled!
  • The Raspberry Pi is not included!
  • Antennas are not included!


  • Dustproof, Waterproof and Weatherproof plastic enclosure and cable inserts – IP54 rated
  • Transparent clear top cover with built-in silicone gasket seal
  • Base plate supports mounting any Raspberry Pi models with different orientations
  • Necessary standoffs, screws, fittings, nuts included
  • Mounting ears help hang the enclosure on walls or poles easily
  • Dimension: 212x123x60mm
  • Material: ABS, PC

Package Includes

  • 1 x IP54 case with clear polycarbonate top cover
  • 1 x Acrylic mounting plate for electronic boards
  • 5 x IP54 certified cable grommets (4x2mm, 4x3mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 2x8mm) with plugs
    Enable routing of pre-terminated cables through cable entry frame and split cable glands
  • 1 x Grommet Frame + Allen Key
  • 4 x M5x30mm Stainless Steel Screw with plastic wall fixing plugs
  • 6 x M3x7mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing the base plate to the case bottom
  • 2 x M5x25mm Stainless Steel Screw with Nuts
  • 4 x M2.5x10mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing Raspberry Pi to the base plate
  • 4 x M2.5x6mm Stainless Steel Screw for board stacking
  • 2 x M2.5x11mm Brass Standoff for board stacking
  • 8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Flat Washer
  • 8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Nut
  • 8 x 400mm Heavy-duty zip-tie



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