Tutorial 1 | Raspberry Pi Kernel update for Sixfab 3G/LTE shield’s usb drivers

Original Raspbian Jessie kernel doesn’t support Quectel EC25/UC20 modules, then we fixed kernel, you can replace your module files with new files.

  1. Run sudo rpi-update command and update kernel your Raspberry pi
  2. Reboot your machine
  3. You can use your modem with /dev/ttyUSB3


Issues :

  1. If ttyUSB3 does not appear under folder /dev/ when the 3G ( UC20 ) module is plugged in, and ‘device not accepting device address XXX, error -71‘  appears on the ‘dmesg’ output, please change your USB cable.

One thought

  1. You’re right, trying with a different usb cable do the trick. Can you give us accurate specifications concerning such usb cable please ?
    Secondly, it seems that some “protocol errors” may occur when the rpi starts, preventing the shield for working. Do you have some advise or solution for such problem ?

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