Tutorial 9 | Import sound files to Sixfab Gprs Shield

Import sound files to Sixfab Gprs Shield

  1. Download GenBinFile and QFlash applications.
  2. Start GenBinFile.exe and import .amr sound files. Note :if you have ogg etc. file you can convert it from online services.alt tag
  3. Convert files and get following warning.alt tag
  4. Copy scat_download.cfg under scat folder to under audio bin folder.
  5. Start Qflash.exe and Load FW Files, select scat_download.cfg files under audio bin folder.alt tag
  6. Plug your Sixfab Gprs Shield over usb and select source pin to USB on shield.
  7. Press start and wait for initialize shield.alt tag
  8. Press button 2+ second on shield to start firmware update.alt tag
  9. See following screen to succesful update.alt tag

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