Sixfab CORE

Hassle-Free Cellular IoT Connection Software for SBCs

All you need is a Sixfab Cellular Kit and CORE software for a reliable connection on your edge devices.

Sixfab CORE 1

Single Step Installation

Setup your cellular modem, configure operating system, install services with just a single click.

Sixfab CORE 2

Incident Prevention 

CORE fights with connection losts to prevent incidents and provides highest up-time.

Sixfab CORE 3

Remote Access

Access command line of edge devices on your browser from anywhere.

Sixfab CORE 4

Network Diagnostics

Get diagnostics to understand and fix problems with your network and device configuration.

Sixfab CORE 5

Real Time

Monitor your Linux operating system and network status.

Sixfab CORE 6

Remote Network Configuration

Update network configurations remotely at any time needed.

Sixfab CORE 7

Auto Network Route Management

Sixfab CORE automatically chooses the convenient interface based on your priority list.

Sixfab CORE 8


Get CORE software updates for a sustainable & secure network with just one-click. 

Sixfab CORE orchestrates all components to build and maintain a reliable cellular connection.

Accessing your edge devices whenever you need them is a prerequisite for managing fleets remotely. You do not need to be an IoT expert to develop a cellular-connected edge device over a single-board computer, thanks to Sixfab CORE.

Sixfab CORE 9

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