LTE – GNSS Dual u.FL Antenna – 100mm

This single form antenna consists both primary LTE and GPS antennas.


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That has two antenna and u.FL plug at the same time in a single form. One of them is GNSS (GPS, Galileo, Glonass), the other one is full band LTE. It’s a kind of flex PCB (FPC) and can be folded for tight spaces. Also has adhesive tape on the back for fixing it on boxes/enclosures. It will work with the Cellular Modems.

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  • 50-ohm impedance
  • 100mm cable length
  • 2G/3G/4G coverage
  • Supported frequency range: 698 – 3600 MHz
  • Global LTE bands: B1-B23, B25-B29, B33-B42 ( North America, Europe and Asia included Japan)
  • Peak gains are between 3.2dBi-4.dBi at the LTE bands (1695 -3600 MHz) and 0.8dBi for the GNSS (1570-1610MHz)
  • Adhesive tape


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