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Sixfab Indoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

  • Every single IoT project includes different types of inputs and outputs, physically.
  • This enclosure brings flexibility to add/remove cable interfaces to your Raspberry Pi-based IoT projects in seconds with customizable side panel openings.
  • Includes heatsinks, cooling fan, and necessary accessories.


Sixfab Indoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

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Extended Cover For Enclosure

  • This lid offers you a bigger inner space(1.456 Inch) in the enclosure.
  • It's recommended if you plan to add a 3-layer HAT sandwich stacked on Raspberry Pi. Or you might need more area for peripheral electronics.
  • It's transparent color, prevents dust and moisture ingress, and doesn't compromise the waterproof feature of the case.
Sixfab Indoor Project Enclosure for Raspberry Pi

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Key Features & Benefits

Accelerated Product Development: Fast-track product creation with durable, customizable plastic enclosures.

Versatile Use: Suitable for housing electronics, protecting prototypes, or achieving a production-ready look without metal enclosures in Raspberry Pi projects.

Spacious and Cable-Friendly: Offers ample space for Raspberry Pi, batteries, sensors, and easy cable management with customizable slots.

RF Compatibility: Supports internal antennas or external antennas with ready-to-use connectors.

Cost-Effective Prototyping: Enables cost-efficient experimentation and rapid testing of different products for designers.

Important Note:This enclosure is not assembled. Raspberry Pi and antennas are not included.

Product Specifications

Best ForIndoor Raspberry Pi projects requiring multiple hardware assembly
FeaturePolycarbonate clear cover
Wall mount
Inner base plate
IP RatingN/A
Width212 mm
Length123 mm
Height60 mm

Package Contents

1 x Indoor case with clear acrylic top cover
1 x Acrylic PCB base plate for the mounting interface between boards and case bottom
1 x 5V Cooling Fan 
2 x SMA to u.FL RF Adapter Cable 150mm
1 x Raspberry Pi Aluminium Heatsink Set 4 Pieces
4 x Plastic plugs for unused antenna slots on side panels
4 x M5x30mm Stainless Steel Screw with plastic wall fixing plugs
6 x M3x9mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing the base plate to the case bottom
4 x M2.5x12mm Stainless Steel Screw for fixing Raspberry Pi to the base plate
4 x M2.5x8mm Stainless Steel Screw for board stacking
4 x M2.5x11mm Brass Standoff for board stacking
8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Flat Washer
8 x M2.5 Stainless Steel Nut
4 x M3 Stainless Steel Screw for Fan
4 x M3 Stainless Steel Nut 
8 x 400mm Heavy-duty zip-tie



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Mounting Plate Drawing


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