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Sixfab Pico LTE

· Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico W
· Global LTE-M connectivity modem
· Development ready interfaces
Middleware – Sixfab Pico LTE SDK
· Enhanced official Raspberry Pi Pico W SDK with cellular connectivity
· Pre-integrated IoT platforms (AWS, Azure, ThingSpeak… )
Embedded IoT SIM
· Global coverage
· First year offer – 1GB data and SIM activation included

Check-out our flexible pricing after first year.


Sixfab Pico LTE

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Passive GNSS/GPS Antenna u.FL Plug - 100mm

This passive GNSS/GPS antenna has self-adhesive, 100mm cable withu.FL connector.

Developer-friendly platform design
First year cellular connectivity included
10 minutes to connect IoT platform
Community & doc pages for additional support


Sixfab Pico W Features

Enhanced Raspberry Pico W experience with MicroPython SDK developed by Sixfab

A comprehensive platform with integrated components and feature-rich design.

Simple programming with extensive resources available for Raspberry Pi Ecosystem.

Key Features & Benefits

Soldered Raspberry Pi Pico W onto the PCB for seamless integration

Supports CAT-M1 and GPRS cellular IoT global connectivity with Quectel BG95-M3 module

Additional micro USB connector for easy firmware and modem debugging during development

Onboard LTE antenna for optimal performance. Also includes a uFL connector for passive GNSS/GPS antenna (GNSS/GPS antenna not included. Need to purchase separately. You can find compatible antenna here)

Includes a Neopixel LED, user button, user LED, LTE Status LED, Qwiic connector, and Pico W reset button to enhance user interaction for prototyping and testing

Embedded SIM with MFF2 form factor allows fast connectivity to global cellular networks via Sixfab Connectivity Services

Pre-integrated with IoT platforms and services such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Telegram API, ThingSpeak, Slack API, and more.

Product Specifications

Best For
Kickstarting Raspberry Pi Pico
based remote applications
Max. Data Speeds
CAT-M1: 588 kbps (DL) / 1119 kbps (UL)
Power and Data
Pico W micro USB connector
Operating Temp.
-25°C to 50°C
Board Dimensions60 mm x 75 mm
Onboard Interfaces
NeoPixel LED, user LED, user button, LTE status LED, Qwiic Connector (x2), SPI (Camera Support)



Package Contents


Sixfab Pico LTE (Raspberry Pi  Pico W Included)
Micro-USB to USB-A Cable




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