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Why Cellular Connectivity is so hard for Single Board Computers?

To provide a hassle-free cellular connection to your Single Board Computers, you need to manage lots of components – hardware, operating systems, network protocols, modem modules, SIM card, cellular network and more.

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Cellular modem modules

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SIM & Network providers

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Network protocols

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Operating Systems

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Cellular Technologies

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Sixfab’s solutions ensure that these different components work in harmony.

Get your prototype up and connected in minutes with our easy-to-use, developer friendly products. Scale up with using our easily managed, reliable, and fully-integrated ecosystem.

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Prevent future problems from day one with our technology.

How to Scale?

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Using Off-the-Shelf Sixfab Boards

Fastest way to go-to-market
Low-cost for lower quantities

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Designing a Custom Board

More reliable & flexible
Low-cost for higher quantities

Continuous Development & Support After Deployment

Updating your firmware and software is inevitable to keep your devices secure and to have better applications. Like these updates, there are tons of factors that may break the cellular connection. Prevent incidents with our solutions to minimize after deployment costs and maintenance operations.

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