Diy your Security system easily with this tutorial.

  1. Firstly, Check
  2. Connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet and run sudo apt-get update to update your Raspberry Pi
  3. Make the internet connection
    1. For GPRS Shield
      • Make Tutorial 2 to connect the internet over Mobile.
    2. For 3G/LTE Shield
      • Make Tutorial 3 to connect the internet over Mobile.
  4. Install Python and required libraries with following commands
    • sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
    • sudo easy_install pip
    • sudo pip install smtplib
  5. Download source code
    • wget
  6. Make it executable
    • sudo chmod +x
  7. Run it
    • sudo python

That’s all. You have a home security system and you are safe 😉

Please watch our use cases video about this tutorial.

Have fun!


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